About Us

SION TOKEN is a meme token that combines the fun and excitement of meme culture with the power of decentralized finance. Our token is designed to be a community-driven asset that provides holders with a range of benefits, including staking, NFT rewards, and the ability to shape the future of the project through decentralized governance.

At SION TOKEN, we believe in the power of community and decentralized decision-making. That's why we have implemented a DAO structure that allows our users to vote on important issues such as tokenomics, partnerships, and NFT releases. This ensures that our community has a direct say in the direction of the project and can help shape its future.

We are excited to bring SION TOKEN to the world of decentralized finance and meme culture, and we look forward to building a strong and engaged community around our platform. In the following pages, we will dive into the technical details and features of SION TOKEN, as well as outline our plans for growth and expansion.

Road Map


· Theory and concept creation of $SION TOKEN
· Launch of our Official Whitepaper
· Social Media Channels
· Website Release
· Contract Creation
· Safu / KYC / AUDIT
· Presale Marketing


· Presale on Pink sale
· Pancake swap Launching
· Listing on Coin Gecko and CoinMarketCap
· Avedex, Dextools, BSCscan updated profiles
· Trending all platforms
· Marketing campaigns


· Listing SION TOKEN Swap
· Growth of Ecosystem
· Listing on Major Exchanges
· Influencer Marketing Push
· NFT Minting Event
· Top Tier CEX listing
· Roadmap Update


At SION TOKEN team, we take our investors' security seriously. That's why we submitted ourselves to KYC verification, not just to comply with regulations, but to prove to you that we're real people and not some shady meme-loving bots.
Now, we know what you're thinking: "KYC? That sounds like a lot of work. But trust us, it's worth it. Not only does it give you peace of mind knowing that you're investing with real people, but it also gives us peace of mind knowing that you're not some random internet troll trying to mess with us.
We've made sure to get our token audited by some serious brainiacs. Now, we know what you're thinking? "Audits? That sounds boring!". But trust us, it's worth it. Not only does it give you peace of mind knowing that we're not trying to pull a fast one on you, but it also ensures that our token is as safe as possible.
So go ahead, invest with confidence, and know that your $SION TOKEN is in good hands. We've taken all the necessary steps to make sure that our token is as secure as possible, and that includes getting audited by the best of the best.


The tokenomics of SION TOKEN project has been arranged in such a way as to ensure the stable development of our project and certainty for investors Supply of 10,00,00,000 SION TOKEN · 67% of the tokens are reserved for Presale · 33% of the tokens are reserved for liquidity provision to ensure a healthy trading environment. The SION TOKEN team's goal is to create a strong and active community, with a well-defined 0% BUY TAX and 4% selling fee

Private Sale

BNB Address:- 0xae5c942D951A0a4d8917Ab348C8CfeCe6AD734A4
Network:- BNB smart chain

Send BNB On the Above BNB Address Take Screenshot And mail it On Below Email Address.
You Will Recieve Sion Within 36 Business Hours.

Email:- siontoken777@gmail.com